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Thanks for your interest in our professional driver training services.

Our school combines over 50 years experience in the commercial transport industry and is licensed through ICBC. Our program is of the highest standards and will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to complete the licensing process and give you the confidence to start work immediately.


Below is a list of the courses available and the costs involved.

The use of the Vehicle for the road test is included in the course tuition.

Includes 15hrs of on road instruction in tandem axle truck. Skills include advanced shifting, backing and complex intersection turns. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to be examined by ICBC for their class 3 license.

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This course is 30hrs of individual on road instruction with loaded tractor trailer combination. Includes coupling and uncoupling, complex intersection turns, backing, axle weights, load security, and advanced shifting skills , including hill shifting and split shifting. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to be examined by ICBC for their class 1 license.

CLASS 1 PRO $5420.00

68hrs of training including coupling and uncoupling, load security, complex intersection turns, advanced backing exercises such as blind side jackknifing. Weigh scales, axle weights and cross border long haul are also covered. Advance shifting will include hill shifting, split shifting and skip shifting. This course also includes Mountain Driving, where students will have the opportunity to apply their advanced skills and knowledge. In addition students will complete training and receive certification in Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS and Air Brakes. At the completion of this course all students will be prepared for their ICBC road test and have vehicle operating skills comparable to that of an experienced driver.
84 hours of training which involve 55 hours of individual on-road instruction with a loaded tractor trailer combination.  Included in this course is coupling and uncoupling, load security, complex intersection turns and challenging backing exercises like blind side jackknifing.  Advanced vehicle operating skills include hill shifting, split shifting and skip shifting.  Practical experience with weigh scales, log book and mountain driving.  A unique feature of this course includes a full day round trip to Victoria where the student will maneuver the tractor trailer through a high density urban environment gaining valuable experience and versatility providing more options for future employment.   In addition, students will receive certification in Air Brakes, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS.  At the completion of this course all students will be prepared and confident for their ICBC road test and will have the necessary skills and knowledge for their first job in the field. 98hrs of training including 70hrs of individual on road instruction. This program includes all the advanced training of the Class 1 Premium as well as 30hrs of on the job training. Accompanied by the instructor, students will drive the tractor trailer combination to the job site, load and secure material, and deliver it to its destination. Students will learn job site safety requirements, load security specific to the product they are hauling, load manifests and other paperwork requirements, meet timelines for pickup and delivery and many other skills relevant to working in the Commercial Transport Industry. This course is designed to bridge the gap between new driver and qualified employee. Click here for more info
4hrs theory
WHMIS $100.00
4hrs theory
This two hour theory course is a great way to refresh your staff on rules of the road, adverse driving conditions, observation, attitude and expectations when operating company vehicles.



Steps to Completing Your Higher Class License

Learner’s Permit

Visit your local Driver Service Center and pick up the book “Driving Commercial Vehicles”.

Study the applicable chapters then return to the Driver Service Center and take the learner’s permit knowledge test.


Contact us to schedule your practical driver training. The course will take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to complete depending on your availability.

Flexible hours are available; you do not have to quit your job to take the course.

Road Test

We will book your road test when it is convenient for you and when we are satisfied you are prepared.


Please Note: All students applying for a class 1 or 3 license must complete an Air Brake Course prior to their road test.

For more information, including available training dates, please call us at (250) 897-9875.
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